Debit and Credit Card Refund, Cancellation and Return Policy

Last updated: August 22st 2022

When purchasing any product or service from us you are asked multiple times to confirm you understand our Terms and Conditions of sale and refund policy, both of which you must approve before we allow you to make a purchase. charges for types of product /service.


We charge £1, €1 or $1, dependent on the country in which you sign up, using 3D secure. This proves with 99.99% certainty that you are the owner of the card. We instantly credit your account with v£1, v€1 or v$1 as a reward, essentially meaning it costs you nothing to register a card. This will appear on your statement as, SID or SID Discount Vouchers.


We sell digital discount vouchers called vCurrencies; for example v£10 OFF, v€10OFF or v$10 OFF. There is no money backing these vCurrencies, and no way to cash them in or have them refunded once purchased. vCurrencies can only be used to collect an equal value discount in any participating store. We sell these discount vouchers at a discount. For example, you could have a £100 off voucher for v£80.


Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund, or exchange, for either of these products/services. The reason we do not refund any purchases is (1) We have more costs for facilitating transactions than we actually charge you. (2) The resale value of the discount vouchers you buy, is changing all the time, meaning we could lose money by refunding a purchase.


You can send us an email at at any time to discuss anything related to our services.


You can also write to use at EnigmaticSmile Limited, Swift House Ground Floor, 18 Hoffmanns Way, Chelmsford, ENG, CM11GU, United Kingdom.